Luuslangi asukoht



  1. Mini-Rimi
  2. NOY barbeque restaurant
  3. Astangu store
  4. Lake Harku beach
  5. Lake Harku – Keila-Joa coastal trail
  6. Nature park
  7. Go-kart track
  8. Children’s traffic garden
  9. Restaurant Bliss
  10. Historical ammunition depots of Peter the Great’s naval fortress

Within a short car ride away

  1. Taltech
  2. Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol
  3. Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre
  4. Rimi Shopping Centre at Haabersti
  5. MyFitness fitness club and Škoda Ice Arena
  6. Arigato Sports Club
  7. Harku Rowing Club
  8. Tallinn Zoo
  9. Harku hiking trail
  10. Estonian Open Air Museum

In addition, there are 6 kindergartens, 7 schools, a family health centre, a swimming pool and more.